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     Individual Psychotherapy

45 minute sessions

My clinical approach is analytic, with an interpersonal emphasis. I have a collaborative and interactive style of working.

     Couples/Marital Psychotherapy


60 minute sessions

Difficulties in relationships are shaped and maintained by both partners. In my work with couples, I combine interpersonal, systems and attachment perspectives to address these complex relational issues. I help each couple develop greater awareness and understanding of how they relate to one another. In the sessions, we explore feelings and needs that are either buried or out of awareness, and expand the opportunities for empathy, recognition, and response. We also identify entrenched patterns of interaction and communication, recognizing how and why they arise. As therapy progresses, it becomes possible for couples to move beyond stubborn impasses, create new options and discover more fulfilling ways of connecting.
I appreciate the uniqueness and strengths of each couple, and build on these in our work. My style is active, interactive and collaborative.

Many insurance plans offer some out-of-network benefits. I will provide you with a monthly statement, which can be submitted directly to your insurance company.

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